What Makes a Good Managed Services Provider

Sure, you know you need managed IT services, but how closely are your technical needs monitored? 

The relationship between a business and its IT provider is critical to the success of the organization. Business owners have other tasks to worry about without needing to be concerned with the daily happenings of their IT providers.

Many IT companies provide dedicated account managers to serve their clients. These managers stay on top of their clients’ needs through regular communication, offering feedback and documentation to ensure their clients feel confident that their IT needs are being handled.

Empowerment. Having dedicated account managers empower you with an understanding of how IT services impact your business. These IT professionals see IT from both the technical and business sides. These account managers aren’t salespeople. Their role is to understand your business and your technical needs, and support you throughout.

Familiarity. Dedicated account managers will know your account inside and out, making for smooth transitions when it’s time for upgrades or technical questions. You will know your contact person, and s/he will know you.

Regularity. These dedicated representatives will proactively schedule regular assessment meetings and educate your technical users. This way, your users have fewer questions and you experience fewer interruptions. By regularly updating your staff and assessing the daily health of your network, we reduce the risk of technical support issues.

IT Solutions is a Managed Services Provider Serving the Philadelphia Area.


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