We Are Thinsolutions….Meet Chris Norton

My name is Christopher Norton.  I am an IT consultant working out of the Jupiter, Florida IT Consulting office.

I have been with Thinsolutions for three years now.  Funny thing is I was born and raised in Northeast Ohio, but joined the company while living down in Florida.  I grew up in Stow Ohio.  I moved to Jupiter, Florida right after high school with my family.

I met my wife Cindy through friends at college.  We got married on Valentine’s Day and have been married for almost 16 years now.  We have been blessed with two healthy, beautiful daughters, Kayla, age 11 and Kate, age 7.  We love jumping in the car and heading to the beach.  We try to do activities outside whenever we can.  This is really a great place to live.  My parents have since moved back to Ohio and we enjoy going up to visit about twice a year.

I love a good challenge and in this profession you see them all day long.  I have always had a love for technology and computers.  My first experience with computing was back in the days of programming with the Commodore Vic 20 and other models.  My father, a businessman,  was fortunate to have some of the earliest computers in our house.  I learned everything I could about them.

Some people can use a computer for years, without asking questions like, “How does this thing work?  I kept on learning as time has passed.  The years went by, the first computer I built was a 286 IBM clone with a 20MB hard drive.  I continued building machines for friends and family. 

I experimented with different job industries, like insurance sales, stockbroker, but it just wasn’t for me after time.  I had some experience in printing and took a position with a printing company.  I installed some of the first networking there with coax and lantastic.  I managed that print shop for about 5 years, all the while incorporating the latest advances in PC’s and networking.  At this time, I had friends in the computer industry who, before they got their jobs,  had learned everything they knew about computers from me.  They advised me to pursue a career in the field of Network Administration.

I got the opportunity to work as a Windows NT admin in conjunction with a team from whom I could learn.  I adapted quickly and decided this was the place to be.  Even though I liked the creativity I had in the Printing Industry, I was learning something new every day.

After mastering Windows NT, Windows 2000 came out and I got my MCSE during that year.  I then went on to work for a security company and installed client/server access control systems in cruise ships for Princess, Royal Caribbean and others.  There were plenty of other notable places, NYPD HQ, Ernst & Young, MacDill AFB and many other Hospitals, Schools, etc.

One thing I experienced soon enough was that, while some people may call you a computer analyst, you are a hero to others.  It makes one feel good about themselves to help others in this way.

I got to travel all over the world at this time, places like Japan, Singapore, and Italy.  One thing that travel allows for is time to study. During this time I fell in love with the world of Linux, which made me seek out the RHCE certification to further diversify myself.  After 5 years, the travel was starting to get old, so I moved on. 

Next, I worked for an Antivirus company for a while as a network engineer.  It was a great place and it taught me the importance of project management and how to guide a project along.  I had to work directly with development and QA to make this happen.

Working at Thinsolutions, I have learned a lot and gained much more Cisco experience.  I have completed my CCENT certification and I’m close to finishing the CCNA.  I have a lot of great clients and look forward to working with them and advising them in the future.

I believe that your health is very important, eating well and getting exercise is the key to a long fulfilling life.


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