Attention Physicians: Join the Paperless Revolution

How much time is wasted in your office chasing down charts, filing charts, and trying to decipher chicken scratch in charts? Save time and frustration by implementing Electronic Medical Records. Your staff will thank you.

3 S’s of EMR:

Speed. The days of searching for paper charts have long gone. With EMR software, all the information you need is at your fingertips in seconds. The streamlined process of gloStream gives you instant access to charts and other vital information.

Safety. Patient safety improves with the implementation of EMR. Physicians have instant access to information, no matter where the chart is or who is looking at it at that time. Lab results, x-rays and scans become available instantly. Physicians can also have a more meaningful relationship with their patients

Space. Once you’re rid of the rows and rows of filing cabinets, take the opportunity to remodel. Expand your waiting area. Give your staff a break room.

Contact Thinsolutions today to learn more about gloEMR software and our IT Services.


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