We Are Thinsolutions…meet Joe Massi

Hi! My name is Joe Massi. I’ve been with Thinsolutions for a little over 3 years now and currently work as a Help Desk Analyst in the  Managed Services  Group.  I’ve been in the technology industry for 9 years and have really enjoyed it.  I learned about computers while in college at the University of Akron getting my associates degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. I graduated from Akron in December 2000 and the following May got my first IT job.  So much for that expensive 2 year degree that took me 7 years to get!  Why did it take me 7 years to get a 2 year degree? Well, I was working landscaping during the day and then driving to Akron at night to take classes. 

I’m married to my wonderful wife Paula and we have 2 kids, Briana age 5 and Michael age 5 months (as of the end of November). We live in Chardon Ohio in our new home.In my spare time I like to, umm…uhh…well if I had spare time I’m sure I could find something fun to do.

One thing that people would never peg me for doing is skydiving. It’s true. I went skydiving, even though I have a fear of heights. It was the summer of ’99 and I jumped not once, not twice but 10 times!! Go figure. It was awesome though. The biggest adrenaline rush I’ll ever have!



One Response to We Are Thinsolutions…meet Joe Massi

  1. Chris Zeitz says:

    Joe, I’m very impressed with you. And where did this Michael come from ??? Has it been that long since the last time we were around each other ? (it’s been longer). Also, I thought the biggest adrenaline rush that you have experience before was when we played Knight Rider lol. Take it easy, my friend. I’m hoping to see you during the holidays. Let me know about your where abouts and maybe we can hook up.

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