We Are Thinsolutions….Meet Larry Mellgren

I grew up in Spokane, Washington.   I graduated from WSU with a BS in Forest Management , a BA in Business Administration and a commission in the U.S. Army.

I went to Ft Belvoir for Engineer Officer Basic and Ft Benning for Airborne school. I then went Germany and was a Combat Engineer Company Commander in the Third Armored Division fighting the “Cold War”. I came off active duty as a Captain and returned to Spokane. I was a Hot Rolling Forman at Kaiser for two years and commanded the 623 Engineer Company in Hillyard.

I then moved to Boston and worked in the Graphic Arts Industry. I started as a sales rep and wound up as World Wide Accessories Marketing manager for Compugraphic, a manufacturer of phototypesetters. I spent 220 days a year outside the country for about ten years. I would start in Helsinki and wind up in Istanbul, Turkey.

Militarily I stayed in the Reserves and commanded a Battalion in Boston. I then went to work in the Pentagon. I worked in Plans and Operations. I worked on Grenada, Panama and wound up being called up for the first Gulf War. I ran the night shift in the war room. I retired as a Lt Col.

I then moved to Florida to become National Sales Manager for Visual Graphics. After a year I started a company selling billing systems to Doctor’s offices. We merged with a couple of other companies and eventually I went to work for Web MD and now I work for Thinsolutions  selling IT Services and EMR Software.

I am married and I have one son, one daughter and a step daughter  who is a dentist.

I live in Tamarac, Florida on a golf course so I play golf.   I also fly airplanes.  My wife and I enjoy cruising and have been on about 20 cruises.


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