We Are Thinsolutions…..Meet Chris Abbott

Chris Abbott claims to have spent most of his childhood summers grounded for one reason or another, although he does not really remember why he was being punished. “Sometimes I think my mother just wanted help with the yard work.”

He has always had an interest in computers.  “ I worked 2 jobs, averaging 20 hours a day,  only sleeping every third day for 2 months to buy my first computer .  It cost over $1,000 15 year ago.   I used to call my dad when I messed it up but then it got to a point where he couldn’t help me anymore and I had to figure it out myself. I learned then that I had a knack for it.  Now I have an Associate’s degree in Information Technology/Computer Network Systems, and I am a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Certified ShoreTel installer.”

Chris has worked in the industry for 4 years and has been a part of the Cleveland IT Consulting Services  Group at Thinsolutions for about a year.  “I like being able to solve problems. The problems are always different so it never gets repetitive, and you always learn something from each one.  I like to be challenged and in this field there is no shortage of that.”

When not helping our clients with their IT challenges, Chris enjoys camping, fishing and going to Indians games.  Until recently most of his free time was spent with Monica and their 5 month old Boxer puppy, Turk.  All that changed on September 4th though, when Chase Michael Abbott entered the world .  Now Chris spends most of his free time learning to be a Dad!


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