We are Thinsolutions…..Meet Brandon Bergum

Brandon Bergum’s first job was at Wyandot Lake making funnel cakes. He was quickly transferred to an easier job at the candy shop, however, when the funnel cake lines consistently extended past the bumper cars. While he acknowledges that he was not the fastest at funnel cakes, Brandon is still amazed by how crazy people get about their funnel cakes.

Following graduation from Kent State with a Finance major, Brandon sought both finance and technology jobs. His first offer was a technical consulting position and he has never looked back. A lot has happened since learning to cut and paste on his first day on the job.

Brandon has now been with Thinsolutions for seven years and in the technology industry for twelve years. In his role as Manager of IT Consulting Services for the Cleveland area, he especially enjoys the wide variety of customers and technology with whom he works on a daily basis. Every day is something different and an opportunity to lean new things.

Brandon lives in the Akron area with his wife Andrea and their two young boys, Nicholas and Christopher. In addition to chasing his sons, his hobbies include golf, playing basketball and other outdoor activities. He believes his greatest accomplishment is his family and he takes great pride in watching them grow every day.


One Response to We are Thinsolutions…..Meet Brandon Bergum

  1. Pete Radke says:

    I forgot you live near Akron. Look me up if you want to catchup sometime.

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