We Are Thinsolutions…Meet John Dzurko

John Dzurko is a software engineer with Thinsolutions. He has been with Thinsolutions since October 2008. He enjoys all the people he met there and things they are a great group of people. He enjoys working for a quality IT company. Has been told in the past he is a brown noser but doesn’t understand why. Before Thinsolutions he worked at Link Solutions, Sherwin Williams and Advance Lighting International. He was born “John Anthony Dzurko” on May 29th, in Garfield Heights Ohio, he is the youngest of four siblings. He feels that his parents saved the best for last. He has one sister, who is seven years older and two brothers. He was raised a good old Italian Catholic Mama’s boy. He graduated from BGSU with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in business.
Other parts of life
Met his wonderful, beautiful wife Dana at BGSU, married her in 1993. They traveled quite a bit before having two kids and adopting a dog. Their son Avery is 9 years old, Gracie, their daughter, is 7 and Lexi the dog is about 10. It’s interesting how two laid back people like Dana and John produced two, extremely high energy kids like Avery and Gracie.
Hobbies and activities
•Spending time with the kids
•Movies and books
•Running, Bicycling, Soccer and Martial Arts

Things you might not know about John
•was crowned the limbo champ on a catamaran ride in Antigua. Rum had everything to do with it
•At one point in his life, John almost went into the culinary arts, but decided he didn’t like the work schedule and instead he turned cooking into one of his passions.
•Holds a second degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and studied Jeet Kune Do extensively.
•Wrote an instruction manual on self-defense and Martial Arts.
•Once got so sick in Puerto Rico that he thought he was hallucinating when he saw a Chihuahua on the beach eating a burrito he couldn’t finish. Then he realized it wasn’t a hallucination.
•Helps out Sts. Joseph & John Cross Country team as an assistant coach.
•Is the head coach for a boys 8 and under soccer team in Middleburg Heights.


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