We are Thinsolutions…Meet Kevin Fischer

Kevin Fischer has been with Thinsolutions as long as there has been a Thinsolutions—13 years  Shortly after the company was formed, Kevin joined the staff  to handle administrative responsibilities.  As the company has grown his role has also evolved.  Today Kevin’s primary responsibilities are in researching and purchasing equipment and software for our clients and managing our invoicing process.   He also handles payroll duties, which makes him very popular among his colleagues!

 Kevin was actually born in Lakewood, Ohio and spent many years living not far from where our offices stand today.   He has 5 brothers and sisters, the youngest of whom is his brother and his CEO, Mike.  He still lives very near the offices although he has (finally) migrated out of Lakewood.  He has been married for 5 years.   Kevin & Amy have two children, Sam, 15, and Quinn who is 3.  

When we asked him to tell us about some memorable moments, Kevin provided the following:

  • Making my Dad promise to buy me a bike if I went off the high dive for the 1st time.
  • Family camping and road trips in the station wagon, where the rear bench seat faced backwards.
  • Alpha Tau Omega hell week in college (No details, so as not to alert the authorities!)
  • Little Siblings Weekend at college (No details, so as not to alert the authorities and/or embarrass the CEO)
  • My wedding day June 10th, 2005.
  • Watching my daughter being  born and actually helping in the birthing process…I think I helped anyway!

 Kevin’s philosophy is “work hard and live life everyday”, a viewpoint he has carried with him since he witnessed a fatal car accident as a kid.   His hobbies include biking, jogging, basketball, golf, crossword puzzles.  He enjoys vacationing in Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios, Cozumel, Marco Island and Myrtle Beach.   He tells us that one thing about him no one would guess it that he completed a half marathon in under 2 hours (“With my body type, people seriously think I’m joking when it comes up in conversation”!).  His favorite time of day is evening, when he is putting his daughter to bed—“ she has the most amazing comments on her day”.




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