Welcome Aboard!

These are exciting times at Thinsolutions. On March 16th Thinsolutions welcomed a host of new clients and employees through the acquisition of CBIZ Network Solutions (CNS). CBIZ Network Solutions was a respected competitor in Cleveland and we frequently butted heads chasing the same clients. At the same time, we became familiar with CNS’ potential as we occasionally partnered to provide specific-expertise assistance for some of their clients.

In February, the opportunity presented itself to acquire CBIZ and we jumped at the chance. We had a solid understanding of the high quality clients that CBIZ had and were fully aware of the talent we could bring over from the combination.

So what does the acquisition mean for our pre-existing clients and for the CBIZ clients who are now our new clients? The biggest change for our pre-existing clients is that we will now be able to offer consulting, installation and support of telephone systems. Specifically, we have become a ShoreTel® Partner and can now deliver first-class Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone systems and support. We continue to strive to be a turnkey partner and the telecom addition will obviously help us in that end. We don’t mind being the “one throat to choke” when it comes to your technology systems.

For our new clients who have come to us as part of the CBIZ acquisition, we are working hard to earn your confidence and are certain you will benefit in several meaningful ways as a result of the acquisition and the expanded services Thinsolutions offers. Here’s a short list:

1. Managed Service. We offer a hybrid remote and on-site approach to supporting and maintaining your system. The remote support allows us to assist you in real-time during all business hours and allows us to be proactive with systems such as 24/7 monitoring, patch management, and a trouble ticket system that our clients can access.
2. Focus on Efficiency. The Thinsolutions business model is based on efficiency and not purely on billing hours. A large percentage of our clients are on a flat fee arrangement for ongoing support and therefore our interests are aligned with our clients. We therefore have incentive to deliver proactive support and maintenance to prevent major issues and downtime.
3. Strategic Approach. At Thinsolutions, our clients are accustomed to receiving expert strategic direction at regular intervals. Our typical client will participate in a quarterly high-level meeting which we call the Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) meeting. In these meetings, the Technology Advisor (a senior-level Thinsolutions manager) will discuss the client’s business direction and advise the best technology to aid them in achieving their business goals.

Welcoming our new clients while ensuring there is no interruption in their service and integrating our new employees are major undertakings, but both are challenges we have taken on enthusiastically and are working hard to achieve. I hope that soon you will be hearing positive things about Thinsolutions from both arenas—the new clients and the additions to our staff!

Welcome Aboard! We hope this marks the beginning of a long and satisfying relationship.


One Response to Welcome Aboard!

  1. Mom Fischer says:

    Good luck!! Sounds great.

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