Who’s got your back?

Who do companies count on to support their IT networks and implement critical IT projects? In other words…Who’s got your back? Most businesses will say that their technology infrastructure is critical to their success, but do most businesses search out the very best services available to them?

What makes one IT Service provider different from another? Our clients have learned that not all IT companies are the same– just because a firm is in the business of providing technical support doesn’t always mean that applications will run smoothly.

In speaking with customers and prospects, I find that there are at least three areas where we at Thinsolutions continue to make a real difference for business IT needs.

1)      Quality Service

One can not say enough about good service. It’s what drives successful businesses, especially those who are service providers. For over 13 years, Thinsolutions has provided clients consistent and professional services with an experienced team and proven expertise.   One good example that comes to mind was our service to a client when they moved their office. This situation could have resulted in problems, headaches, and financial loss. After the project was completed, our customer sent us a note, thanking our team for a job well done. In the letter, they said, “We very much appreciate the effort, efficiency, and timeliness you executed throughout our moving process. We accomplished our goal – no surprises….and no negative impact on our business. …this was all done in a positive atmosphere.”

2)      Technology that helps

Technology has come a long way and Managed Services is one area where Thinsolutions shines. Our ability to not only remotely access a network, but provide “proactive” support is what helps businesses stay ahead of the game and focus on their core competencies. The service allows a small business to use the kind of help desk support that enterprise companies enjoy, but with a small business budget. In addition to our Cloud Services, Strategic Consulting and Custom Development Services are also areas where clients have found technology to help their business.

3)      Professional Team

When I think of “Professional IT Services” the concept of proper implementation always comes to mind. Some of our more recent conversations with prospects have to do with this very thing. To put it bluntly, having smart IT people just isn’t enough.  There must be the ability to employ best practices in all areas of IT implementation and ongoing support to achieve long term success. This is a tremendous value that many Professional IT Consulting and Service providers offer : Thinsolutions actually provides it!

We are grateful for the trust and support our customers have placed in us and we appreciate their comments and feedback. We intend to continue to provide the support that our customers have come to expect from a Professional IT organization. At Thinsolutions, We’ve Got Your Back!

 Jeffrey C. Raysor, MBA


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