How smart is your phone?

I can remember owning a beeper.  At the time it seemed so cutting edge.  I would receive a page and try to find a land line in order to return the call. Cell phones have now become an essential item; it’s hard to remember a time when they were not common.  How did we survive?  Could we really have gone outside without one?  Cell phones are now being replaced by Smartphones that allow us to browse the Internet, check email, watch video, listen to music, Tweet as well as may other things, although the phone with the projector is going a little far in my opinion.  These devices have changed the face of entertainment, social interaction and business.  How have they affected business?  Employees are always connected to email and the Internet.  This increased mobility has enabled the workforce to be efficient without even turning on a laptop.  For a company such as Thinsolutions this allows the support staff to respond to client emails and issues in a timely manner.

There are definite challenges in deploying and maintaining Smartphones in a business environment.  Companies tend to have many different Smartphone platforms that need to be supported.  If the employee is not syncing contacts with Exchange, the contacts on the phone should be backed up to avoid data loss.  Phones can be lost and this creates a security risk if sensitive company information is on the phone.  Virus creators are starting to target the operating systems on Smartphones.

These concerns aside, Smartphones are an exciting and rapidly growing technology. I’ve come across many different types in my dealings with our clients.  iPhones are the most popular at this point.  Their ease of use, touch screen and excellent display has hooked people on them.  Of course an app that lets you scan any bar code and compare prices online doesn’t hurt its appeal either.  Now that iPhones are compatible with Exchange it’s opened up the door for these phones to be used as a true Smartphone in the business world.  Blackberrys are also popular but they require server software in order to sync with Exchange.  The Blackberry is also dependent on the Blackberry network which has had a few outages over the last couple of years, but some people do prefer the simple interface of the phone as well as its stable operating system.  Blackberry does offer a service to sync just Exchange email without the need for server software.  Windows Mobile phones are the safest bet for compatibility but it appears that they are being crowded out by the other phones on the market.  The newcomer in the Smartphone market is Google.  They have released the Android Smartphone operating system which is being used by several different phone and mobile carriers.  The Motorola Droid  looks like a strong competitor to the iPhone and includes a pull out keyboard which is absent on the iPhone.  The Droid runs the Android Google operating system.  Here are some reviews of the most popular Smartphones.;contentBody

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Smartphone for yourself or your employees feel free to talk to one of us.  We’ve had experience with just about all of them and we can point you in the direction of a phone that will serve your needs and integrate seamlessly with your business systems.

– Luke C. Neuman


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