Thinsolutions joins the club

In previous blogs, we’ve mentioned  our partnership with gloStream and how, as a result, Thinsolutions is offering the gloStream flag ship product, gloEMR, and their Practice Management software program, gloPM. Combined with our already proven IT solutions including Managed Services, Back-up/Disaster Recovery, IT Consulting, Hosting, and Custom Development Services, Thinsolutions now provides some of the “best in class” Healthcare IT support for Medical Practices.

In order to gain momentum and begin providing helpful solutions to Medical Practices within our three regions of Cleveland, Ohio, South Florida, and North Carolina, the Thinsolutions team has begun the Leadership Club, a campaign sponsored by gloStream . In this exclusive program, the Thinsolutions team has perfected their approach to Medical Practices in order to make the best use of time and resources. Here are a few:

1. Focus on practices that can best benefit from our services.

There are certain practices who would benefit more from the features and benefits offered than others. For example, because the gloStream gloEMR product provides built-in Dragon Software for voice transcription, the product is well suited to medical practices currently paying for transcription services. Because of this, often the gloEMR technology can pay for itself with just this savings alone! Additionally, because the product utilizes Microsoft Office, the ability to easily create and use templates provides for an easier and more efficient adoption of the product. These features and additional benefits  can be viewed at our website:

2. Engage with helpful information.

This information that is shared comes in many forms including technology expertise , solid customer service, and industry data such as the qualifications and rules for the funds made available to practices from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) or otherwise known as the Stimulus Funds. Too much of sales “techniques” can be self-serving and down-right annoying! Thinsolutions has chosen to support and inform its target market to such a degree that prospects recognize  our desire to be more than just a “vendor”, but a trusted and helpful advisor.

3. Adopt Technology with a Proven Process.

One of the great things that Thinsolutions provides to medical practices is our “Detailed Needs Analysis” process. We have a proven methodology that allows us to evaluate where the practice is with its current technology and what the results would be if our solutions were put in place. There have been too many cases of failed implementations in the marketplace because a sound process was never put in place. Thinsolutions takes the time to ensure that the solutions offered are the very best  and then we put a program in place to support those solutions.  Our goal is  to ensure the short and long term success of the practice.

The New Year has brought changes and opportunities in Healthcare and Technology. Thinsolutions stands ready to support and help medical practices to adopt  solutions that save time and money. Check out our website at: or give us a call at 1-800-297-1269 to see how we can best support you.

– Jeffrey C. Raysor, MBA


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