Time to get “Thin” in 2010….

Let’s face it; there are a large number of IT services companies out there competing for business. As Mike Fischer pointed out in his last blog, the Managed Services industry is filling up with many competitors. At Thinsolutions we’ve been forced to compete, just like everyone else. Why should you consider Thinsolutions to be your IT services partner?

Our people: Thinsolutions employees truly are dedicated to customer service. Although you may think I’m biased (ok maybe a little) the culture at Thinsolutions encourages putting the client above all else. Our technical staff are trained and certified in many different technologies such as Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware along with others. As a client you receive the benefit of not just one engineer with his particular expertise but a wide range of technical knowledge.

Our solutions: Many companies specialize in one particular aspect of technology but Thinsolutions is able to offer a wide range of solutions. We can offer an ASP solution which basically means we host, maintain, and support your entire infrastructure for a set monthly fee. If this does not fit your needs we can monitor, maintain and support your IT Infrastructure at your location. The monitoring we provide ensures your systems remain up and any potential issues are identified before they become problems. We also offer web hosting in state of the art data centers. In addition we can provide custom application and web development services.

Our reputation: I believe the number one way Thinsolutions stands out is our reputation. Whether it is a large law firm or small doctors’ offices, we’ve earned the trust of our clients. They know we are willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish their IT and business goals. We look at it as a partnership with our clients in order to help them achieve their business goals using technology. As an onsite technical consultant , I’ve heard first hand from our customers . They appreciate the way we follow up on open issues, resolve problems quickly and provide expert technology.

There are so many IT companies in the marketplace claiming to offer quality technical services. After rubbing shoulders with competitors and hearing stories from clients who have left these competitors; we are confident that our technical expertise and dedication to our client’s success make us the clear choice to serve you.
But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what, Jean Edwards, Manager, Infrastructure and Technology for MedFi International had to say about our services…..

“Our production relies directly on our technology working well, and of course avoiding downtime at all costs. Thinsolutions has been consistently successful in keeping our systems running smoothly and functioning properly. The staff is diversified, knowledgeable and professional. Their commitment to service has been one of their strong suits. I recommend their services for outsourced IT solutions and consultation in business planning.”

– Luke C. Neuman


One Response to Time to get “Thin” in 2010….

  1. Mike Fischer says:

    Well said Luke. I agree 1000%.

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