Thinsolutions is now providing ARRA updates

Last week, Luke Neuman shared the news about Thinsolutions’ partnership with gloStream. This partnership provides Thinsolutions the ability to offer Medical Practices the latest in Microsoft Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Technology along with the implementation and support needed for practices to move toward becoming “meaningful users” of EMR technology.

History buffs might be interested in seeing  the very first EMR from IBM, introduced in 1961! ( Wow…those were some systems! IBM found that these early technologies could provide general benefits to medical professionals including less paperwork and reducing/ eliminating errors in prescribing medications, etc.

gloStream, along with some of today’s EMR’s, offers these benefits and more to Medical Practices including:

  • ePrescribing – electronic Physician orders
  • Interoperability – communications to multiple medical systems
  • Health Alerts – safety information and prevention

CNN recently interviewed medical providers who have implemented EMR and included some startling examples of how the newest technology can benefit patients.  For example, such a system could provide information about an out-of-town visitor seen by a doctor for the first time and indicate potential drug interactions or other health alerts which may not otherwise be readily available to the physician. 

Now with the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA for short) signed into law, there are stimulus funds available to both Medicare and Medicaid providers. Current and up to date qualifications and rules for the funds can be viewed on our website at:

The ARRA provides the framework for what will be considered “Certified EMR technology” and “meaningful use” of EMR systems. Thinsolutions will stay informed on these changes and will share updates as they become available.

Thinsolutions is excited to partner with gloStream and looks forward to sharing the time and money savings that practices can enjoy by implementing the latest in Microsoft technology.

Jeffrey C. Raysor, MBA


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