Thinsolutions is excited to partner with gloStream, a company that provides Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management software for doctors.  EMR software has been around for quite a while.  What are the features that make gloStream’s EMR software, gloEMR, stand out from other electronic medical record software companies? 

gloStream software is built around integrating with Microsoft Office.  Employees with knowledge of Microsoft Office will be comfortable working with templates and documents in gloEMR.   This dramatically reduces the learning curve and provides a simple way of customizing forms and templates.  gloStream is the only EMR software company to offer a product with this type of integration with Office.  gloStream software is also designed to have the look and feel of a Microsoft Office application; users will greatly appreciate working with software that looks familiar to them.

One of the most common reasons for not adopting an EMR solution is the time it would take the doctor to type in his or her notes.  An obvious solution would be voice recognition software.  Other EMR solutions have had limited success in bundling voice recognition with their product.  gloEMR uses Dragon voice recognition software which seamlessly integrates with the EMR software.  The voice recognition software can be easily trained by the doctor’s voice, allowing the doctor to dictate directly into the EMR software.  The software includes a large dictionary of medical terms.

gloEMR allows the user to import existing templates in use by the doctor’s practice, which provides for immediate productivity without having to give up the templates that already work.  The software also allows for developing customizable templates.  These templates are simply Microsoft Office  files which make them easy to use.

The initial login in to gloEMR opens to a dashboard,   designed to give one click access to everything the user needs.  It’s easy to use and doesn’t require going through multiple sub-menus to access frequently used features.

gloEMR also comes with a document management system that allows the practice to scan in old charts or other documentation and easily categorize them.  This can dramatically increase office productivity as employees will not need to search through charts, and reduces required storage space by eliminating the need to store the charts.  It also provides fast way to access patient information.

Most EMR software companies are located far away from the actual practice.  gloStream partners with local IT companies in order to provide local support to the doctor’s offices.  Most issues can be handled remotely but occasionally there is a need to come onsite.  gloStream makes this support available 24/7 through its local partners. This way the office can be back up and running quickly in the event  of any IT outages.  As a gloStream partner, Thinsolutions can provide it’s extensive IT support expertise and personalized service to the medical community.  Thinsolutions is not only able to support gloStream’s software but can also manage the computer infrastructure the software runs on, thereby eliminating the need to deal with separate  software and  computer support vendors.  Thinsolutions has a proven track record of quick issue resolution as well as client satisfaction.    Our engineers are trained and certified to maintain and enhance any IT system.

It’s clear that gloStream is the industry leader in EMR software because of it’s integration with Microsoft Office, voice recognition capabilities, customization, one click ease of use and local 24/7 support.   EMR software can help with office workflow, accuracy of record keeping and storage costs.  In addition to all of these incentives, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 signed into law by President Obama provides up to $44,000 per doctor if they implement an EMR solution. 

For more info and to see gloEMR work click here:

– Luke C. Neuman


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