Greetings from Mike Fischer

I’m excited to be introducing the Thinsolutions Corporate Blog.   This blog entry more or less kicks off our entrance into the social media community.  Thinsolutions has committed to participating on a few social media platforms because we want to:

  • Stay better connected to our clients and give them another resource for timely, relevant topics/solutions
  • Provide information about Thinsolutions to the broader online community –we’re eager to increase the awareness of who we are and what we do
  • Provide our employees an additional environment where they can share various topics and new ideas

Volunteers from all regions and levels of our organization have volunteered to take on the Social Media Challenge.  You will hear from technical consultants, sales people, managers and administrative staff.  Our Facebook team will present abstracts to the Corporate Blog and links to topical information.  Our Twitter Team will manage a Twitter campaign by tweeting up-to-date industry trends and analysis.  We have also beefed-up our presence on Linkedin to allow us to communicate our expertise and depth of knowledge.  The Blog (which you are now reading) has a team who will contribute commentary, analysis and videos and will keep you up to date on what’s going on at Thinsolutions specifically and in the technology world in general.   

And of course you will hear from me on occasion.  It might be something related to technology or an update on something new at Thinsolutions, but there is just as much a possibility that I will tell you the latest antics of RocKo, my Chocolate Lab, who counts among his whose favorite activities investigating things on the beach that would be better left undisturbed.  Or I might let you know how I finish in my latest triathlon attempt (but only if it’s not too embarrassing).

I really am excited about creating an ongoing dialogue between our clients, partners and prospects as we continue to develop our social media strategy and I look forward to sharing with you the many benefits of engaging with Thinsolutions.

Mike Fischer – CEO


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